Changing your plan

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Upgrading your plan during the 30-day cycle

Shopify Apps are billed on a 30-day billing cycle. You can find more about Shopify's app billing at the Shopify FAQ.

If you decide to upgrade your plan during your 30-day billing cycle, you will pay a prorated monthly fee depending on the number of days left in your billing cycle. 

During the billing cycle, you may upgrade at any time. The full quota for the higher plan will be available for the remainder of the billing cycle. Usage fees above your plan quota will be accrued on your Shopify account in real-time, see our article on Usage Fees for more information.

Example 1:

Anthony is on a paid plan and has a quota of $1000. This month he has received $1200 worth of donations and $2 in usage fees have been applied to his Shopify account. Anthony decides to upgrade his plan with a $5000 quota. 

Shopify will pro-rata the higher plans fees for the remainder of the billing cycle, so if Anthony upgrades on the 15th day of the billing-cycle, he will receive a charge for $12.50 for the remainder of the month. Anthony will not pay any further usage charges until he passes $6000 in donations for the current billing period. Next month, if he stays on the higher plan he will revert to the regular quota of $5000.

Downgrading your plan:

If you move from a higher paid plan to a lower paid plan during the billing cycle, Shopify will automatically apply an Application credit to your account for the remainder of the month.

DonateMate will also pro-rata your monthly quota based on the remaining days in the billing cycle. 


John is on a paid plan with a $5000 quota. It's day 21 of his billing cycle and has already raised $1500 but will not be doing any more fundraising for the rest of the billing cycle. John will downgrade to a lower plan with a remaining quota of $300 until his next billing date.

See our pricing plans at

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