How is the usage billed?

Usage fees are billed in real time.

All plans are charged in USD and calculated using the Shopify exchange rates. Each plan has a billing cycle quota in USD, and usage is calculated in USD accordingly.

During the month, if your shop has transacted more than your billing cycle quota, you will be billed for extra usage at the time of the transaction. The rates for extra usage are available on the Pricing Page.

Each paid plan has a quota for the billing cycle, and any transactions above the quota amount during the period will be charged to your Shopify account at the specified rate. 

If you expect to receive many transactions during a billing period, upgrading early is best to avoid higher usage charges. 

After a plan upgrade, existing usage fees will remain on your account. 

Example 1:

Jane installed DonateMate and signed up for a plan with a $1,000 monthly quota. Jane runs a successful donation campaign and receives $800 in donations during the billing period.

Jane pays no added usage fees for the billing period.

Example 2:

Rob has the same billing period quota of $1,000 and receives $800 in donations. Another donation is then received for $500. Rob's total for the billing cycle is $1300, which is $300 over his quota. His usage charge rate is 1% so he will pay $3 in usage fees for the period.

Example 3:

Melissa has already successfully raised $2,000 through DonateMate, and a $10 usage charge has been applied to her account. She decided to upgrade to a higher-paid plan with a quota of $5000 a month. Shopify will pro-rata the higher plan's fees depending on the days left in the billing cycle. Melissa can now transact another $3,000 without incurring any additional usage fees in addition to the fees already accrued. 

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