Make Style Changes to the App Block

The DonateMate for Donations app block will mirror your theme's CSS. However, in certain circumstances, you might want to change style elements.

Shopify allows you to make CSS changes to sections of your theme that are only applicable to that section. This way, you don't need to create new style sheets and classes to make simple changes.

In this example, we'll change the color of our Donation Widget from black to purple.

Open your Theme Editor and navigate to your donation widget. Changes to CSS will need to be made to all instances of the widget, so if you have the widget on your product page and your cart page, you'll need to follow these instructions twice.

  1. Select the App section that encloses the Donation Widget.

  1. On the corresponding panel, select Custom CSS.

  1. Enter your custom CSS in the window. Note: The panel is autocorrecting and will self-save. Take your time with updates!

  1. Here, we can see the text has been changed to purple.

You're done! 🎉

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