DonateMate App Blocks

What are App Blocks?

App Blocks are a great way for apps to add extra functionality to your theme. You can install them from the Theme Editor, and DonateMate app blocks require zero code to set up. This means you can add the donation widget to the cart page, homepage or even other products, just by dragging and dropping.

 App blocks sit inside your theme and can be easily added and removed without leaving extra code behind, always ensuring your shop remains fast and responsive! App blocks were a new feature announced by Shopify in June 2021. If they are available for your Theme, you can follow this guide to get started with adding donation widgets to your shop!

Example of an app block

App Block Example. Image credit: Shopify

How do I know if my theme allows me to use app blocks?

Any store that is running on the Online Store 2.0 architecture will have some support for App Blocks.

Check for OS2.0 themes on the new Shopify Theme Store

The best way to check your app's compatibility with app blocks is to check with your Theme developer. If they are available, they will also show up in the Theme Editor under Blocks

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