DonateMate and Shopify POS

Add the DonateMate Tile to your Shopify POS

Adding DonateMate to your POS is simple.

1. Make sure that DonateMate is installed on your Shopify Store.

2. Open your Shopify POS terminal and click Add Tile

3. Select Apps and then DonateMate

4. Select Donation@POS and tap Add.

5. You'll now be back at your smart grid. At the top, tap Done and you are finished! 😎

Select the POS product from your Shopify Admin

You can only have a single donation product at a time active on the Shopify POS.

To select the product, head to your Shopify Admin > Apps > DonateMate for Donations

Select Settings

Select one of your active donation products and tap Save at the top right.


Adding a Donation to an Order

During the checkout process with your customer, you can ask the customer if they wish to make a donation or contribution. 

1. To add this to the order, simply Add a Donation

2. The next screen will display your product name and three options for donation, a Round-Up, Preset Amount or a Custom value.

At this point you can provide the Shopify POS device to your customer to complete the donation, or have your associate guide them through the process.

3. Tap Add To Cart and the item will be added to the cart (a short load time may exist as the new value is added to the product).

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