HTML Form for DonateMate

To add a custom HTML form for donations to any of your other websites, simply use the below form code. You can style the form any way you want, it just needs to have three things:

1. Point your POST request to ""

2. On the "input" tag named "shopid", include your permanent shop URL. (It will be something like "")

3. Must include the price as 'price'

Here is some basic code you can use to start with:

<form method="post" action="">
	<label for="price">Make a donation (<CURRENCY>)</label>
	<input value="5.00" id="price" name="price">
	<input value="<INSERT MYSHOPIFY SHOP URL>" hidden="" name="shopid">
	<button action="submit">Donate</button>

If you have any questions, just contact DonateMate Support. We're here to help!

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