Editing the Donation Product

After you have installed DonateMate, there will be a default Donation Product created in your Products list.

Head to your Shopify Admin and click Products on the left-hand side.

From there, search for Products with a Vendor of DonateMate.

All your DonateMate products will be visible in the list. Select the product you wish to edit.

You can edit this product like any of your other Shopify products. We recommend adding a detailed description of why supporting your organisation is important. You are after all asking for a donation to contribute to your mission. You can also customise the title, and make it stand out in your shop.

We've provided a stock photo for your donation. You are welcome to change to one of your own or keep the stock photo. You can add more photos if you like, but the first photo will always be used for adding the product to the cart.

Things not to do:

  • Do not remove the "DonateMate" or "Donation" tag from this product, it will mean the product no longer appears as a donation.
  • Avoid adding variants to your Product, they aren't needed and will be automatically deleted by the DonateMate app
  • Ensure you always have at least one photo for your Donation product, a picture says a thousand words after all.

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